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Subject: Favorite TutorIt was so cold outside that Perry was surprised when Jon appeared wearing
only his boxer shorts."What's up" He asked at the door absentmindedly scratching is crotch.Perry couldn't help but noitce Jon's fly was open although he couldn't
see inside the partially openness."You said for me to come over, but uh maybe I - " Perry tried to not
stammer. He was enamored with the guy. They were the same age but Jon was
tall, broad shoulders, square jaw, long strawberry blonde hair, developed
chest and well, sexy.Perry by contrast was short, slight build, curly black hair, had no body
hair on his chest and legs and jsut looked younger."Oh yea come on" Jon said stepping aside.It was like entering an oven. The apartment was hot to say the least."Wow hot here" Perry muttered."Yea, keep it hot so I can run around bareass." Jon said and laughed.
"You can strip down if you want" he said.Perry stood in one spot surprised to hear Jon. He wanted to believe it
was the older boy flirting with him."Hey you looking at me cause you want a date or what?" Jon had once asked
when he caught Perry staring at him. They were in the locker room at
school and both were nearly naked at the time. "Oh sorry just thinking"
Perry had stammered his answer hoping it was believable.In fact he had been attracted to Jon for years. Even when they were in
elementary school he had been mesmorized by the larger built guy."Hey no problem, just kidding" Jon smiled that sexy winning smile in
response.He had relished images of Jon in his speedos at school, in his boy scout
uniform, his little league uniform and during the summer his tank tops
and tight running shorts over the years.They were in Junior College now. And if possible Jon had gotten bigger,
sexier, and friendlier."I just don't get it" Perry had said to the Professor. "Well maybe you
can find someone to help you with this. Anyone interested in helping your
classmate, let him know" the Professor said."Fuck you" Perry muttered but loud enough that the entire class laughed
glad one of their peers had told off the pompous teacher."Hey, P, come on over tonight and I'll get you through this stuff" Jon
had places his hand on Perry's shoulder sending a shockwave of warmth and
excitement through his body.Perry just stared and stammered a bit "uh oh yea thanks". Then he watched
Jon walk away with a wave. His back and shoulders defined through his
tight t shirt, his lolitas preteen nn upskirt round buttocks moving as he walked.And Perry's penis bounced hard so quick you'd think he was still the
multiple jacking off king of 13 year olds."So you don't understand asshole's class?" Jon asked as he bent over to
get one of the books that had been tossed on the floor.Perry stared at the boxers that defined Jon's buttocks as he bent over.
He wanted to reach over and hold each round mound of muscles."Come on over here and let's get at it. There's a swim meet I want to
watch later"Perry sat so close he could inhald Jon's aroma as they talked about the
class, the asshole Professor, the way Jon remembered dates and went over
the names of the tribes conquering each other in history.Perry had taken off his shirt and trousers as the heat made him sweat
during the hours. Perhaps it was Jon that made him sweat, he wasn't lolita dark model portal sure.
So by the time Jon slammed the book shut, Perry was in his boxers and
wife beater shirt."Got to stop, Michigan and Nebrasca meet free kiddy modeling lolita is on" Jon punched buttons on
the remote until the TV screen was full of speedo clad college boys."Yea, Bradski is going to win the butterfly, but Madison is going to come
in a close second." Perry spouted.Jon stared in amazement at him."But I think the relay is first and little lolita, young lolitas
Michigan's team has muscle but not
speed" Perry went on and on."Woa" Jon interupted "You know stuff about sports? And swimming?" Jon
asked genuinely suprised."OH yea, watch it all the time" Perry said not admitting his interest in
watching Jon's swimming meets years ago got hi minterested in the sport
and the swimmers..probably in reverse order.So Jon retrieved and tossed a beer to Perry and spread himself on the
couch as the two watched the meet, talking about the sport, predicting
outcomes and cheering winners.Jon lay half way across the couch with his legs bent. His ballsac hung
out of one leg of his shorts with his meaty penis laying between the two
testicles.Perry moved close to the boy and let his bare leg touch his. Jon didn't
move away in fact he patted Perry's leg from time to time during their.Perry left the bathroom open as he pissed. He had been blessed with a
long member and wanted Jon to notice just in case Jon would be
interested.He peeled his shirt off as he returned to the couch."Yea get relaxed" Jon said as he kicked off his boxers. He was naked
laying on the couch now the same way.Perry wanted to take his own shorts off but his erection would give him
away so he returned to the couch lounging as close as possible to the
naked boy.They watched more and more ESPN coverage. Perry moved his hand to Jon's
leg and left it there slowly beginning to pet the boys meaty thigh. Jon
didn's put his hand away even when they were arguing about the diving
judging they were watching.Then Perry decided to move his hand further letting his fingers make
little petting moves on Jon's hanging ballsac. He looked over at Jon to
see what his reaction was.Jon looked at him and smiled "feels good" he said.Perry got more comfortable so he could lounge against Jon while
continuing to pet his testicles and then his thick meaty penis."If you kiss it, you can stay the night" Jon said laughing as he got up
and retreived a bag of chips and another beer."Thanks" Perry said as he caught the tossed beer."Take em off" Jon said "Claude says you have a huge cock, I wanna see"Perry felt his hard penis suddenly begin to shrink with stage fright. He
thumbed his waistband and let his shorts fall to the floor. Then he
pulled on his penis before it shrank into his body with fright."Nice one" Jon said as he sat back down on the couch. "Whats the matter?"
he asked when Perry didn't move against him where he had been before."Nothing, just nervous" Perry said feeling his penis begin to harden
again.Jon laughed "Doesn't look like it" then he took Perry's hand and put it
on his crotch. "Work it boy work it" he laughed again.Perry pet the boys balls and penis and then without thought he bent over
and kissed Jon's cock and tongued it."Crap you're hot" Jon said.It grew in his mouth until the tip rubbed against the back of Perry's
throat. He couldn't believe they were having sex."Hey don't rush it, we have all night" Jon said reaching over to pat
Perry's bare butt.Th first spurt caught Perry by surprise but he didnt' choke like he
thought he was going to. He swallowed each and every stream Jon's hot
body manufactored and spewed out."Come on" Jon said as he sighed after the orgasm. He punched a button off
and the TV darkened the room as the image disappeared.Jon grabbed Perry's long and still hard cock. "Let's go"He led him into the bedroom where he threw the boy on the bed. "We're
going to make up for all the years you've had a boner for me" Jon said.It was almost arrogant but Peryr didn't care. Somewhere in the emotion of
his words he found the interpretation he wanted and needed.Jon held lolitas pics galleries free onto his cock pulling Perry into his mouth. Perry moved his
mouth back to Jon's cock hardening it with his tongue swirls around the
head in his mouth.Perry couldn't hold back like he wished. His body just needed to release
his fantasies, his longings, his hopes lolitas preteen nn upskirt and his needs for Jon too much."Now it's my turn" and Jon handed a rubber to Perry. "Put it on lolitas preteen nn upskirt
and then
get on your hands and knees" he instructed but softly.Perry was going to experiece more that night then he had hoped for."So when did you two become buddies" Claude asked later that week as Jon
waved Perry over to where his group sat in the college cafeteria."I'm tutoring him" Jon said"Yea he's taught me alot" Perry said smiling and feeling his face redden
as he sat down."Yea I bet, I think there's another word for it" Claude said
sarcastically."Yea there is" Jon said laughinng.Perry laughed. He knew where he would be spending the weekend and what
he'd be doing...learning more from his favorite Tutor.
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